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Ride the king's highway, baby.

Love the poster

I love it too. It’s one of my favourites, but I never had anywhere to put it. XD

I’m a horse’s butt and have nothing else to post.

I’m a horse’s butt and have nothing else to post.

my small penis says howd oyA DO
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I have been keep going through your simblr and cc finds over and over to get inspiration. I love how realistic and unique your sims look<3 I love your blog!
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dsfsdhfjkh Omg. Thank you so much. ;__; I’m sorry I haven’t been posting more. Every time I go in game lately, I either forget what I meant to do altogether, or I get distracted. sdfhskfh

what happened the past few days?
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And their daughter? XD

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kill me now

You must have missed the post with her and Miles. XD

The past few days have just been what.

By the way, Bambi and Miles are going to have a daughter after Erick is born. >__________>